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Real Estate Market

Use this guide to locate real estate industry information.

Creating Lists of Companies Within the Industry (Library Subscription Databases)

Example: I need to find companies that provide property services for real estate businesses.

  1. Under Available Databases, click on U.S. Businesses>Search
  2. Select the Advanced Search tab
  3. Use the left menu to select Business Type>Keyword/SIC/NAICS
  4. Type in real estate and click Search
  5. Select 864127 - Real Estate Property Services from the industry results
  6. Click View Results to see the businesses associated with the industry 


Screenshot of where to select the U.S. Businesses database on Ref USA hompeage

Screenshot showing steps 2 to 5 on the Reference USA database

Example: I need to find companies that are involved in industrial real estate

  1. Click on the Magnifying Glass Icon to start an advanced search
  2. Select Real Estate from the Industries list
  3. Type in keyword industrial into the Search Term box
  4. Click Search

Tip: You can narrow your search by City, State, Region, or Zip Code using the Locations filter

Screenshot demonstrating steps 1-4 in the PrivCo Database

Company Profiles (Library Subscription Databases)

Example: I want to read the Hoover's report for the very well-known, but privately-held, Coldwell Banker Real Estate residential real estate company

  1.     Under the heading "What are you interested in?" click the box for "A Publication"
  2.     Type "Coldwell Banker" into the box "Search Something Specific
  3.     In Find publication, type "Hoovers Company Records - In-depth Records"
  4.     Click Search
  5.     Locate the Hoovers Company Report for "Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corporation" Hoover's Company Records - In-depth Records


Company Financial Data for Publicly Traded Companies (Library Subscription Databases)

The resources listed below are helpful when looking for financial information on publicly traded companies. Company financial information is readily available when companies are publicly traded. Regulations from the Securities and Exchange Commission SEC ensure that public companies disclose their financial data. Because privately held companies are not subject to the same rules as publicly traded companies, there is usually far less financial information available. Visit the guide for Publicly Traded Companies and the guide for Privately Held Companies for additional resources.

Example: I need a stock report on the publicly traded commercial real estate company CBRE.

  • Type CBRE into the search box at the top of the screen and click search
  • Select CBRE Group, Inc. from the list of results
  • On the left-hand side of the screen, go to the section for Research and click Equity Research
  • Click the PDF icon to access the report

Example: I need to find corporate legal news related to Jones Lane Lasalle.

  1. Click on Companies/Markets, select Company
  2. Enter in JLL (ticker symbol) or the company name 
  3. Select Jones Lane Lasalle, Inc. from the list of results
  4. On the resulting Company Snapshot page, scroll down or click on News
  5. In the news section, select Legal/Judicial from the Suggested Categories List