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ACCT/FINC Graziadio Corporate Finance and Accounting

This guide was created to help students locate business data for finance and accounting.

Sources for Researching Financial Information about Private Companies

Example: I want to see financial information from the Hoover's report for the very well-known, but privately-held, Hallmark Greeting Card company

    Under the heading "What are you interested in?" click the box for "A Publication"
    Type "Hallmark Cards, Inc." into the box "Search Something Specific
    In Find publication, type "Hoovers Company Records - In-depth Records"
    Click Search
    Locate the Hoovers Company Report for "Hallmark Cards, Incorporated" Hoover's Company Records - In-depth Records

Researching private companies is more challenging than publicly-traded companies since they are not required to report information to the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC). 

Example: I need the financial data on Hallmark Greeting Cards.

  • Enter Hallmark Cards, Inc. in the search box after signing in to your account
  • Click Go
  • Select the record titled Hallmark Cards, Inc.