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ACCT/FINC Graziadio Corporate Finance and Accounting

This guide was created to help students locate business data for finance and accounting.

Alpha Vantage

Alpha Vantage Stock API
Programmatic access to US and international financial and economic datasets, including: 

  • Historical price and volume data for 20,000+ stocks and ETFs traded on US, Canada, UK, and other major global exchanges
  • Realtime and historical foreign exchange rate (forex) and cryptocurrency data
  • Company financials (e.g., income statement, balance sheet, cash flow) derived from SEC filings
  • Over 50 technical indicators (e.g., moving average, Bollinger Bands, etc) for stock time series data

Access: Graziadio members can request a free API key here. A free API key enables up to 500 data queries on a daily basis. Please reach out to if a higher query volume is needed. 

Additional resources: