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Real Estate Market

Use this guide to locate real estate industry information.

U.S. & CA Government Data Resources Real Estate & Construction (Free Resources)

The following sites provide government data and information related to U.S. and California real estate and construction:

Historic and Real-Time Commercial Listings Data

42Floors provides current and historical commercial real estate data in U.S. Urban Markets.

REIT Data from Bloomberg (Library Subscription Database - IN LIBRARY ONLY)

Bloomberg is one of the world's leading financial databases and contains a significant amount of information related to real estate. Use Bloomberg equities search to locate publicly traded REIT company profiles and obtain performance data.

Bloomberg terminals are on-site only workstations available on the Malibu campus at the Payson Library and Drescher Library. These workstations are limited to Pepperdine students, staff, and faculty and require an account. Students can set up the account the first time they use one of the terminals. Special assistance from a library worker is required to use the Bloomberg Terminals at the Drescher Campus Library. 

Bloomberg is a command driven system. Use Bloomberg commands to locate data and analysis specific to different ares in real estate such as data for specific REIT securities or trends in the Real Estate Industry. Some relevant real estate commands include: 

  • Real Estate Main Menu: BI REAL <Go>
  • Real Estate Prices & Statistics: ECST <Go> (Choose Country>Housing & Real Estate Category)
  • Top News on the Real Estate Market: TOP REL <Go>
  • REIT Indices: SECF <Go>
  • Ratios for a specific REIT: ticker symbol then type DES3 <Go>
  • Commercial Real Estate: CRE <Go>
  • US Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities (CMBS) Market: CMB <Go>
  • US CMBS Property Performance Trends, US Property Sales Trends, Loan & Property Composition for CAN, EUR, US, Annual Weighted Average Mortgage Ratios for Fixed and Floating Rate Loans by Type of Commercial Prpoerty: CRE2 <Go>
  • Special-Servicers and Delinquency Information for CMBS Market: CRE3 <Go>
  • Asset-backed securities issuance: MCAL <Go>
  • Commercial real estate delinquencies foreclosure data by MSA, state and countries: REDQ <Go>
  • Bloomberg Mortgage Research Insight for Reports, Historical Research, Model Projections, and White Papers: BMMI <Go>

REIT Data from WRDS - CRSP /Ziman Real Estate Data Series (Library Subscription Database)