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Business Industry Guide: Theme Parks (as of Spring 2018): Competitive Maps for Smaller Companies, Brands & Subsidiaries

Doing research on the theme park industry? Use this guide to get started!

Does the name refer to a company, subsidiary or brand?

Example: I want more information on DJO Global. I want to know if the company is publicly-traded. The company makes orthopedic devices.

  • Go to Search By Content Type and select Company Dossier
  • Type DJO Global into the Company Name box
  • Select DJO Global, Inc (DJO) from the list of companies
  • The profile indicates that DJO Global is publicly-traded subsidiary
  • View the description to confirm that the company produces orthopedic devices

Sometimes it's difficult to determine if the name you have refers to a brand or the company name. Also, the company might be a subsidiary of a larger corporation. In addition, many smaller companies are privately-held and you won't be able to locate balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statements.

You can determine if you are dealing with a brand or company and the legal status of the company by doing searches on Google, LexisNexis Academic and Reference USA.

Example: I have the name DonJoy and I want to know if this is a brand or a company name.

  • Search the term donjoy into Google and Search
  • You are taken to a page for DJO Global
  • Click the link for Corporate Info (wording will vary and some companies will have a section "About the Company" or "About Us"
  • On the corporate info page it explains that the company's name is DJO Global and that DonJoy is one of many brands sold by DJO Global

Example: I suspect the company Recofit is really small and I want to locate an estimate of their annual sales. You weren't able to locate any information in the LexisNexis database.

  • Type recofit into the Company Name box and click Search
  • Click the link for Recofit
  • Scroll down and click Industry Profile to see if they industry looks relevant
  • Click the link for Busines Demographics to obtain an estimate of the company's sales and number of employees
  • Click the link for Management Directory. You see that Susan Walton is an executive of the company. Since Ecofit's web page mentions Suan Walton as the founder of the company, you can be confident that you have located the correct company in Reference USA