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Business Industry Guide: Theme Parks (as of Spring 2018): Economic Data & Demographic Information

Doing research on the theme park industry? Use this guide to get started!

Economic Data

This database is the best resource for economic indicators. It will also contain many statistics that you can use as independent variables.

Example: I want historical and forecasted GDP data and inflation rates for the United States and several other countries.

  • Type GDP into the search box at the top and click search
  • Click the link for Economies and Consumer Annual Data
  • Go to "Convert Data" if you want to convert the different currencies into US Dollars.

Example: I am looking for demographic information on Malibu.

  •    Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click American FactFinder
  •    Type Malibu in the Community Facts box and click Go
  •    Select the relevant categories such population, selected economic characteristics, etc.