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Business Industry Guide: Theme Parks (as of Spring 2018): Mission Statement, Values and Leadership

Doing research on the theme park industry? Use this guide to get started!

How do I locate my company's mission statement

Many company's will list their mission statement on their web site. Companies will often list their mission in the "About Us" or "Investor's Relations" sections of their web sites.

You can also try Google searches to limit your terms to the company's web site. For example, you could type mission statement to retrieve Whole Foods Market's mission statement.

Please be aware that some companies might not have a mission statement. You can also try the above Google search with terms such as values or vision. In addition, in the absence of a mission statement you can also search for an interview with the current CEO since they often articulate the company's values in these interviews.

You can also consult Fortune's list of Most Admired Companies.

Search the Catalog for books on Leadership

Search the Pepperdine University Libraries Catalog for books, ebooks, DVDs, journals, and more

Search for an item in The Pepperdine Libraries: >>

Example: I need books on servant leadership.

  • Click the tab for Books on the search box on the opening library page.
  • Type servant leadership into the search box and click Search

How do I locate articles about my company's Mission, Values or Leadership?

This is a good database for articles. Some of the articles will discuss your company's values, mission and philosophy. However, search results will not be consistent since more information is available for iconic companies such as Apple or Starbucks than for other corporations.

Example: I am looking for articles about Netflix's mission, values and culture.

  • Type mission or organizational aims or values or vision or corporate culture into the first box
  • Type netflix into the second box and select Co Company Entity with the pull-down menu
  • Click Search
  • You can limit articles to more recent ones with the Publication Date limiter on the left-hand side of the screen

Example: I want to locate interviews with Reed Hastings, the CEO of Netflix.

  • Type netflix into the first box and select Co Company Entity with the pull-down menu
  • Type hastings into the second box
  • Type interviews into the last box
  • Click Search

Example: I want articles on leadership at Netflix.

  • Type netflix into the first box and select Co Company Entity with the pull-down menu
  • Type leadership or executive ability or management or organizational into the second box and select SU Subject
  • Click Search