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MSOD Master of Science in Organization Development: Company and Industry Research

This guide outlines the library resources available to students in the MSOD program.

Locating Company Profiles

Several library databases contain company profiles on many major companies. Tips for searching are provided below.

Example: I need a Hoovers Company Report for Tesla

    Under the heading "What are you interested in?" click the box for "A Publication"
    Type "Tesla" into the box "Search Something Specific
    In Find publication, type "Hoovers Company Records - In-depth Records"
    Click Search
    Locate the Hoovers Company Report for "Tesla, Inc." Hoover's Company Records - In-depth Records

Example: I need investment reports on Home Depot.

  • Click the link for Research on the top of the screen
  • Click the link for Advanced Research
  • Type home depot into the search box
  • Type 10 in the Show Page(s) box
  • Click Search
  • Click the link for a report that interests you
  • In the new window that displays, click the box for Select All Reports and click View

Using Online Company Directories

While the library does not subscribe to Dun & Bradstreet's Million $ Directory, you can use Reference USA for company directory searching. This can be helpful to understand higher level information about a company or to locate a list of companies in the same line of business or by geography or some other variable.

Locating Financial Data for a Company

Company financial information is readily available when companies are publicly traded. Regulations from the Securities and Exchange Commission SEC ensure that public companies disclose their financial data. Because privately held companies are not subject to the same rules as publicly traded companies, there is usually far less financial information available. 

The Pepperdine Libraries InfoGuide for Accounting and Finance provides helpful guidance on using the library databases for publicly traded and privately held companies. Go to the Publicly Traded for search tips on which library resources are best for publicly traded companies and use Privately Held for available data on privately held companies. 

Industry Profiles

Industry Profiles