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BA 355: Principles of Marketing: World Impact (Conlin)

This guide has resources that will help you with your assignment.

Research reports on Nonprofit organizations

Example: I need a market research report exploring attitudes toward supporting nonprofits.

  • Select the report "Attitudes toward Nonprofits - US - 2022"

Example: I need a comprehensive report on religious organizations that contains revenue forecasts, social trends, regulatory issues and technological innovations.

  • Select the report "Religious Organizations in the US"

Example: I need statistics on religion in America and church attendance

  • Reports like "Religious trends in the United States" will be helpful

Locating Similar Organizations

Example: I need financial information on World Impact.

  • Register a free account
  • Search for World Impact

Example: I need to locate Christian organizations provided education programs

  • Register a free account
  • Type training into the box and click search
  • Click the tab for Organization
    • Enter "Education" for the Subject
    • Enter "Christians into the Populations Served
  • Redo the search with seminary as a keyword

Demographic information

Example: I need demographic information for the area near World Impact's headquarters.

  • Enter  2001 S Vermont Ave Los Angeles, CA 90007 at the top of the screen
  • Select 3miles for the range (3 mile radius around World Impact's headquarters) as an example
  • Click the tab for "Demographics"
  • Select "Basic Demographic Summary Chart
  • Also run a "Mosaic HH Cluster Summary Index Report"
    • Click links for categories such as "Steadfast Conventionalists" for information on how to market to this group

Example: I want the demographics of people who are very religious.

Go to Profile>Quick Reports>Composer>Type Religion into the box>Psychographics>General Attitudes>Click Agree Completely>Click Religion Should be the Pillar of our Society>Drag to Target>Click Create>Click Demographics>Click *** to Export


Example: I want articles about Churches and social media.

  • Click Select All
  • Click Continue
  • Type faith based or Christian or Religious into the first box and select TI Title
  • Type donations or charitable giving or fundraising into the second box and click search
  • Click the box on the left for "Peer Reviewed"
  • Set the Publication Date from 2018 to 2024


Economic Forecasts

Example: I need a forecast for inflation in the United States.

  • Type inflation USA into the box
  • Select Inflation in USA under the heading for Annual data
  • Use the pulldown menu to change 2023 to a forecasted date (e.g. 2028) and click Apply

Example: I need forecasted data for disposable income in the United States.

  • Type disposable income USA into the box
  • Select Disposable Income in USA under the heading or Statistics
  • Use the pulldown menu to change 2023 to a forecasted date (e.g. 2028) and click Apply

Social Media Pricing

CPM (Cost Per Mile) is the price an advertiser pays for every 1,000 impressions an ad receives.

Example: I need CPM data for Meta's social media platforms.

  • Type meta cpm into the box and click search
  • Select the title "Industry KPIs: US Meta, TikTok, and Snapchat Average Ad CPM, Q1 2022-Q2 2024"

Example: I need the CPM for Youtube.

  • Type cpm youtube into the box and click search
  • Select records like "A closer look at YouTube’s ad rates"

Example: I want engagement rates for instagram.

  • Type instagram  engagement rates and click search
  • Select "Industry KPIs: Social engagement rates differ by industry and platform" which also provides engagement rates by industry including for nonprofits

Sample Business Plans

Example: I need sample business plan for a Church that includes financial forecasts.

  • Type Church into the box for "Search within Series"