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Resources for conducting literary & rhetoric research on English & American Literatures.

How Plays are Published

A play published as a book
A single play can be published as a book. For example, the library owns An American Daughter by Wendy Wasserstein. This book contains only the script of An American Daughter and nothing else.

A collection of plays by a single author
Several plays by the same author are often published as a book. For example, The Old Neighborhood: three plays contains a total of three plays, all of them written by David Mamet.

Collections of plays by different authors
Collections of plays written by different authors are also often published as a book. The plays in such collections may be connected by nationality, date, style, cast, or other factors. For example, the plays collected in Women on the Verge: 7 Avant-Garde American Plays are connected by the sex and nationality of their authors and by the fact that they are considered avant-garde plays.

Plays published in magazines
Plays are sometimes published in magazines. For example, each monthly issue of the magazine American Theatre includes the script of a new play. 

Finding Monologues

There are a couple of ways to find monologues in the Library Catalog The first way is to do a subject search using the Advanced Search screen. Choose the 'subject' option and type in the word monologues.  You can also try a keyword search in the Library Catalog. If you do a keyword search on monologues, you'll find too many hits, but a search on monologues And women will narrow it down. You can also use monologues And men; monologues And minorities; monologues And gay; and so forth.