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Resources for conducting literary & rhetoric research on English & American Literatures.

Poetry Resources Online

Poetry in Periodicals

Information about Poets

Contemporary poets, with a preface by Anthony Thwaite; editor, Thomas Riggs. 7th ed. New York : St. James Press, 2000.
Provides bibliographical information on more than 1,000 poets currently writing in the English language. Signed entries include biographical sketches, addresses, bibliographies of first editions, sound recordings, other publications, and lists of critical studies. Includes a title index.
Available in Gale Virtual Reference Library

Dictionary of literary biography Detroit, Mich : Gale Research Co, 1978-
Poets are also included in many volumes such as Victorian poets before 1850, Twentieth-century Spanish poets, American poets since World War II... The signed essays combine biographical and critical aspects with synopses of works and their bibliographical details, emphasizing in varying degrees the writer's historical importance and influence.
Included in the database: Literature Resource Center

Poetry criticism : excerpts from criticism of the works of the most significant and widely studied poets of world literature. Detroit, MI : Gale Research Inc., c1991-
Each author entry includes a biographical and critical introduction, a list of principal works, critical excerpts (arranged chronologically to emphasize critical reception), and a list of suggested readings. Excerpts are prefaced with an explanatory note to provide critical context. Each volume contains a cumulative author index, a cumulative nationality index for poets, and a cumulative title index of individual poems, book-length poems, and collection titles. 
Selected content is available in Literature Resource Center

Print Indexes

Columbia Granger's index to poetry in anthologies. 13thed., completely rev., indexing anthologies published through May 31, 2006, edited by Tessa Kale. New York, Columbia University Press, 2007.
A title and first-line index to 85,000 poems by 12,000 poets collected in approximately 400 anthologies. Last-line indexing is provided for 10,000 poems. Author and subject indexes are included. The first edition was published in 1904; each edition drops 150 anthologies and adds 150 new ones.
Payson Library (Ref. PN 1022 H39 2007)

Last lines : an index to the last lines of poetry, by Victoria Kline. 2 vols. New York : Facts on File, c1991.
Indexes the last lines of approximately 171,000 poems published in anthologies, 1900-1987, including the same 405 anthologies of Granger's 8th ed., 74 from Granger's6th ed., and 18 significant anthologies published 1985-87. Contents: v. 1. Last line index. Title index -- v. 2. Author index. Keyword index.
Payson Library (Ref. PN 1022 K55 1991)