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BA 497: Business Policy, Strategy, and Ethics (James)

This guide will help you with your research

Mergent Online

Example: I need to locate a list of publicly-traded women's apparel companies.

  • Search for Lululemon and then click "Business" to obtain its primary NAICs code- 448120
  • On the Opening screen, go to the Classification search
  • Click the circle for Primary NAICS
  • Type 448120 into the box
  • Optional: Use the pull-down menu to choose the country of your acquisition target
  • Click Search
  • On the results screen, click the heading for Active/Inactive so the active companies will appear at the top of the list.


The Bloomberg terminals will help you identify potential companies to acquire.

  • Search for a company that belongs to the industry category that interests you
  • Type in the code CCB (Company Classification Browser) and wait for the term to autocomplete.
  • Companies in that industry will be listed and their market capitalization and revenue will be listed. 
  • Here is a sample screen for aeropace companies: