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MKTG Graziadio Marketing Classes Library Research Guide: Rounding Out Your Research

This guide will provide select library resources helpful to students in Graziadio Marketing classes along with other Graziadio courses with E2B live company research.

Why Look for Articles

Specialized publications - known as industry or trade publications - help those inside an industry to understand the most recent trends and news impacting sales, market, growth, and strategy. When you search in the databases below, you will obtain articles from a wide variety of publications written for those within the industry.

Select Library Databases for Locating Business News Articles

Example: I need to find articles related to Tesla's marketing strategy.

  • type in Tesla in the first search box and select CO Company Entity
  • type in marketing OR branding in the second search box 

Example: I need to find articles related to medical spending in the United States

  • type in "medical expenditures" OR "healthcare expenditures" in the first search box
  • type in United States in the second search box 

Marketing Keywords

Try using product names, company names, brands, competitor names, and/or industries along with some of these suggested keywords:

  • "ad campaign"
  • advertis*
  • "baby boomers"
  • brands
  • "brand awareness"
  • "buying patterns"
  • "consumer behavior"
  • "consumer engagement"
  • customer or consumer
  • demographics
  • expenditures
  • "gen x" or "generation x"
  • "gen y" or "generation y"
  • "gen z" or "generation z"
  • market
  • marketing
  • "marketing channels"
  • "market segment"
  • millennials
  • moms
  • pricing
  • purchase
  • purchasing
  • "purchasing decision"
  • sales
  • segmentation
  • "spending patterns"
  • "social media"
  • strategy
  • "target market"
  • teens
  • value