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STGY Graziadio Strategy

This research guide is intended to provide resources for researching topics related to industry and corporate business strategy.

Introduction to Company Research

There are many library business databases that will have company profiles and reports.  Sections within research reports specific to corporate strategy and SWOT analyses can be found in the instructions listed below using Business Source Premier and LexisNexis Uni. Please note: not all companies will have a Hoovers, GlobalData, or Marketline report. There are many more library resources for company reports (e.g., Passport, S&P Net Advantage, and Refinitiv). If you would like additional suggested resources for company reports, please visit the library guide for Company Research.

Hoovers Strategy Analysis

Example: I want to read Hoover's information on company strategy for Hallmark Greeting Card company

  • Under the heading "What are you interested in?" click the box for "A Publication"
  • Type "Hallmark Cards, Inc." into the box "Search Something Specific
  • In Find publication, type "Hoovers Company Records - In-depth Records"
  • Click Search
  • Locate the Hoovers Company Report for "Hallmark Cards, Incorporated" Hoover's Company Records - In-depth Records
  • Search within the In-Depth Hoovers Company Record for the section Strategy

SWOT (TOWS) Analysis from GlobalData Reports and Marketline

Example: I want to search for a GlobalData SWOT (TOWS) analysis for Tesla

  • Under the heading What are you interested in? click the box for Company Info 
  • Type tesla swot globaldata into the box
  • Select ... and Show Me > Company Profile


Example: I want to read a SWOT analysis for Tesla by looking for any Marketline company profiles for this company

  • At the top menu bar click on Company Profiles
  • Type tesla into the company profiles search box
  • Select the PDF of the company profile from the list of results