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STGY Graziadio Strategy

This research guide is intended to provide resources for researching topics related to industry and corporate business strategy.

Introduction to Industry Research

There are many library business databases containing industry reports.  The two featured below contain industry profiles. There are many more library resources for industry reports (e.g., Passport, S&P Net Advantage, Refinitiv). If you would like additional suggested resources for industry research, please visit the library Infoguide for Industry Research page.

Industry and Market Reports for Strategy

Example: I need to know about how competitive the industry is for publishing kids books

  • Type "childrens books" into the search box
  • Click Search
  • Select the record titled "Children's Book Publishing in the US" 
  • Locate the Tab for Competitive Landscape and Find the Section Barriers to Entry

Porter's Five Forces within Industry Reports

Example: I want a report that discusses Michael Porter's Five Forces and how they relate to the cell phone industry.

  • Type mobile phones into the first box
  • Type united states into the second box
  • Scroll down to Publication Type and select Industry Profile
  • Click Search
  • The report titled Mobile Phones Industry: the United States from the company MarketLine will have a five forces analysis
  • Tip: this analysis is very brief and other resources may be necessary to complete your 5 forces analysis

Harvard Business Review Explains Porter's Five Forces