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Conflict Management Certificate

Program Overview Page

To learn more about the certificates in Conflict Management, please visit the Seaver College Conflict Management Certification Program overview page. Please click on the photo above to be taken to the webpage. 

Certificate Requirements

The Seaver/Straus Certificate in Conflict Management requires a total of 14–16 units for completion. 

  • Four courses (8 units) are taken at the School of Law from the Straus Institute's core curriculum.  
  • Two courses (6 or 8 units) are selected from an approved list of twenty upper-level Seaver College elective courses.    

Eligibility for the Certificate in Conflict Management program 

  • The successful completion of 60 units, including Psychology 200 or Sociology 200, or equivalent. 
  • A minimum GPA of 3.0. and students must be in good standing.   

Seaver students enrolled in Straus Institute courses sit these courses with law students and are subject to the same standards and academic policies of the School of Law. Courses are offered during the late afternoon and evening times so as to be convenient to Seaver students whose classes are offered most often during the day.

Conflict Management Certificate Forms

1. Application: Click on the photo above for the application PDF. 

The application form asks for contact information, narrative responses to three questions, your resume, and states where to send the completed form. The application is only for students currently pursuing a Pepperdine undergraduate degree. 

2. Requirements Summary: Please click on the above picture for the PDF of the requirements summary.

The certificate in Conflict Management is a 14-16 unit program for Seaver College Students. The requirements summary provides the lists of courses from the Pepperdine Law School's Straus Institutes Core Curriculum and upper-level Seaver College elective courses.