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ECNM 657 Parsons

This guide provides guidance to students in Prof. Parson's ECNM 657 class when searching for articles about key economic concepts as they apply to specific companies and their products.

Examples of Citing Business Sources in APA Style

Guidance from Pepperdine Libraries

Because the APA Publication Manual does not provide specific examples for citing annual reports, financial statements, market research reports, economic statistics, and other resources that are frequently used by business students, here are some examples below to assist you with citing business sources in APA format. Simply substitute your own companies, industries, publication dates, and access dates. (Source: American Psychological Association. (2020). Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (7th ed.). Washington, DC: American Psychological Association)

Annual Report from the company's website:

Amazon. (2020). 2019 Annual report.

10-K report from a library database

Amazon. (2020). Form 10-K 2019. 

Financial Data from a library database

Mergent. (n.d.) Pfizer Inc [Balance sheet]. Retrieved August 12, 2020, from 

Marketline Industry Profile from Business Source Premier

MarketLine. (2019). Pharmaceuticals in global [Industry profile]. Business Source Premier.

Mintel Report

You may need to use a search engine to find the URL for a particular report. 

Lo, Buddy. (2019, January). Auto Service, Maintenance and Repair - US. Mintel.

S&P Net Advantage Industry Survey

Loo, J. (2020, May). Pharmaceuticals [Industry survey]. S&P NetAdvantage.

Passport GMID

Euromonitor. (2020, March). Limited-service restaurants in the US [Country report]. Passport. 

Value Line Research Center

Look at the bottom of the company’s stock page for the dates of the PDF reports -- usually approximately quarterly. Those are the archived reports and should be the preferred date.

Value Line. (2020, July 3). Merck. Value Line Investment Survey.

For More Examples

Don't see your type of business resource listed below? Try looking at Bentley University Library's page of examples!

Bentley Library's Citing Online Business Resources using APA Style: APA Reference List Examples is one of the best guides I have ever seen for citing online business sources. Please check their guide for more tips on using APA to properly cite your business research!

Additionally, a group of Business Librarians collaborated to create the APA 7th ed. citation for business sources guide. This guide provides additional examples for citing business sources including Thomson ONE, Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS) data, Reference USA, and more.