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ECNM 657 Parsons: Industry Market Forces

This guide provides guidance to students in Prof. Parson's ECNM 657 class when searching for articles about key economic concepts as they apply to specific companies and their products.

Why Use Library Databases to Look for Industry Profiles?

Industry profiles from Pepperdine's library databases provide full-text access to content that is informative when looking to contextualize the larger market that a particular company is within and to better understand the forces that shape that market. These profiles contain vital industry statistics, identify competitive forces, and outline the structure of the industry as it drives competition and profitability. Use the two library databases below - IBIS World and Business Source Premier Marketline Reports - to identify the Porter's Five Forces within an industry.

Harvard Business Review Explains Porter's Five Forces

Harvard Business Review Explains Porter's Five Forces

IBIS World

Business Source Premier

Example: I want a report that discusses Michael Porter's Five Forces and how they relate to the cell phone industry.

Type mobile phones into the first box
Type united states into the second box
Scroll down to Publication Type and select Industry Profile
Click Search
The report titled Mobile Phones Industry: the United States from the company MarketLine will have a five forces analysis
Tip: this analysis is very brief and other resources may be necessary to complete your 5 forces analysis