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ECNM 657 Parsons

This guide provides guidance to students in Prof. Parson's ECNM 657 class when searching for articles about key economic concepts as they apply to specific companies and their products.

Business Source Complete for Locating Articles

Search Strategy #1: When you want to locate a particular economic concept for a particular company, try using a term from the list of suggestions below along with the name of the company.

For example, if I want to see articles about demand for Apple products, I can search using the following strategy:


The following are a selection of subjects that exist in Business Source Premier that relate to economic concepts and new products:

  • demand
  • earnings forecasting
  • economic competition
  • economic theory
  • economies of scale
  • market volatility
  • prices
  • product acceptance
  • profitability
  • profit margins
  • sales forecasting
  • supply
  • supply and demand

Search Strategy #2: Alternately, you can choose to look for articles about a new product. The following terms are helpful when looking to find articles about new products for a company:

  • new product development

  • product launches

To get the most results, connect your subject terms using the connector word OR.

  • In one box, enter the company name and select CO Company entity from the drop down list.
  • In the next box, type "new product development" OR "product launches" and select SU subject terms from the drop down list


Search Strategy #3: If you are encountering difficulty finding articles on a particular economic concept that relate to your company, consider performing a more general search for your company and the word economic as a subject. This will result in a much broader list of results.

Two Strategies for Locating Articles that Discuss Economic Concepts that Relate to a Company or Product

When looking for articles that discuss an economic concept within the context of a particular company or product, there are two recommended approaches that will work well in the library databases listed below. The best approach will depend on the specific company or product you are researching and how much has been written about that company or product.