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SEC (MA in Social Entrepreneurship and Change): Citing Business Sources

Citations - guides from other libraries

Citing Business Sources...examples

IBISWorld Industry Report (from IBISWorld database)

if author/analyst is identified:
Moldvay, C.  (2012, December).  IBISWorld Industry Report 81211.  Hair & Nail
         Salons in the US
.  Retrieved June 4, 2013.

If no author name is given:
IBISWorld. (2006, April 27). Full-Service Restaurants in the US Industry Report.
         Retrieved June 8, 2006, from IBISWorld database.

Marketline Reports (From the Business Source Premier Database):

MarketLine.  ( 2012, September 14).  Panera Bread Company profile.  Retrieved June 5,
         2013, from Business Source Premier Database.

Mergent Database Company Report

Mergent.  (2004).  Gateway, Inc data report.  Retrieved Sept. 8, 2004, from Mergent 
         Online database.

Mintel Industry Reports

Mintel. (2013, December). Frozen Snacks - US. Retrieved March 4, 2013 from the Mintel


Euromonitor International. (2011, March 10). Coffee in Canada: Category briefing.  
         Retrieved February 10, 2012 from Passport GMID database.

Datasets (no publishing date given)
Australia annual disposable income. (n.d.). In Passport GMID. Retrieved May 14, 2013 from
            Passport GMID database.

Datasets (publishing date given)
Video players in the US. (2011, August 9). In Passport GMID. Retrieved May 1, 2012 from
            Passport GMID database.

Political Risk Yearbook Reports (From the Business Source Premier Database):

PRS Group. (2013, January 1). Sweden Country Report, Political Risk Yearbook.
            Retrieved June 5, 2013 from Business Source Premier database.

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