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Resources for Publishing: Publish your test in the PSYCTests database

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About the PSYCTests database

PSYCTests is published by the APA:

  • Focuses primarily on unpublished tests, those developed by researchers but not made commercially available
  • Most records link to a variety of materials describing the test in peer-reviewed literature, technical reports, or dissertations as well as links to related peer-reviewed literature describing test development, review, or use
  • All records include a summary that describes the test, with its purpose and some history of its development
  • Most records include the actual test instrument

Bring attention to your test development work! Send your tests and measures to PsycTESTS®. Both your tests and the literature describing them will be readily discovered if they are included in PsycTESTS.

Users will link from PsycTESTS directly to PsycINFO® and PsycEXTRA® , as well as to PsycARTICLES® and other full-text sources. Increase the possibility for more citations to your research and expand your professional contacts.

What Kind of Tests will be considered

Nature of Tests 
PsycTESTS features a broad range of coverage. Instruments may be achievement and aptitude tests, intelligence tests, tests of cognitive functioning, occupational tests, personality tests, and so on.

Size of Tests 
There is no minimum or maximum test size for submission.

Format of Tests 
Tests submitted in text format will be converted to PDF format. If you have test content in other media, please consult with APAbefore sending it.

Ownership of Tests 
You must own the rights to the test, or have retained the rights to re-use the test in future works of your own, or obtained permission from the rightsholder.

If you transferred copyright to a journal publisher upon publishing the test in an article, please review the copyright document you signed. Many such forms allow authors to re-publish PORTIONS of their article in other works that they also author; thus submitting the test to PsycTESTS could meet this criterion.

If the test was published in an APA journal, it can be submitted directly to PsycTESTS. Tests that are in the public domain can certainly be considered for PsycTESTS.

Reporting of Tests 
The test must be described in the scholarly literature. This may be within a journal article, book, technical report, or dissertation.

View a Tutorial about submitting your instrument/test for publication

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