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Past Conferences

About the Conference

Who should attend?

ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) Annual provides a multitude of professional learning opportunities for the entire education team.

Administrators and policy makers will:

  • Discover how technology improves outcomes for all learners.
  • Learn about standards and assessment modes for faculty and tech programs.
  • Explore resources for data-driven decision making.

Teachers will:

  • Develop strategies to boost digital age learning.
  • Participate in active learning environments.
  • Learn to use technology to meet Common Core State Standards and the ISTE Standards.

Tech coordinators and staff developers will:

  • Develop proven strategies to support tech funding and staff development.
  • Find out about the latest tactics for implementing digital age learning.
  • Learn to maximize capacity and efficiency for technology infrastructure.

Teacher educators will:

  • Learn about the latest distance education and tech-infused methods.
  • Explore new initiatives for highly qualified teachers.
  • Help tomorrow’s teachers meet emerging state, national and global standards.

Teacher librarians and media specialists will:

  • Learn best practices and strategies for developing digital age literacy.
  • Discover how to leverage new online and mobile technologies.
  • Explore leadership roles and strategies for collaborating with colleagues.

Government and industry representatives will:

  • Learn about building- and classroom-level issues, needs and challenges.
  • Find out about the latest trends and issues regarding technology use in education.
  • Learn about strategies and models for developing and supporting tech infrastructures.

Call for papers

We typically accept approximately 1000 of the more than 2500 proposals we receive each year. Part of what makes the ISTE Conference & Expo the premier ed tech conference in the world is the variety of learning formats it offers. Consider a format outside of the traditional lecture to help your proposal stand out.