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Advertising resources available to Pepperdine University students.

Media Ad Rates

Example of using Statista for CPMs :

  • Looking for CPM data for Facebook:  Type "cpm facebook" into the box and click search
TV Ratings Tools:

Los Angeles Times provides Nielsen Ratings up to February 2020

  • Search phrase to use: prime-time tv ratings (and sort the results by date rather than relevance)

Station Ratings This resource provides Arbitron estimates for *most* radio stations. Use the "Cume" estimate to obtain an Arbitron rating. For example, KIIS FM has a Cume of 3,663,000. This can be converted to an Arbitron rating of 3.6. Free registration is required.

Showbuzz Daily: Great resource for Nielsen ratings data for both network and cable television shows.

How to locate Nielsen ratings from Showbuzz Daily:

Let's say that you are pricing advertising for Modern Family (ABC) and the latest date is 1/8/2020 and the Person 2+(000s) column indicates 6,399.

What does the mean? 6,399,000 viewers watched the show. You can convert 6,399 to a Nielsen rating of 6.399

Also, on 1/8/2020, RIverdale had a number of 414 in the Person 2+(000s) column. This means that 414,000 person watched Riverdale. 414,000 viewers is the equivalent of a .414 Nielsen rating data.

Example: I need to locate the estimated price for a 30 second advertisement for Riverdale and Modern Family in the Los Angeles market.

  • Login to SRDS
  • Click the link for Broadcast at the top of the screen and select SQAD Cost per Point Level Reports
  • Scroll down to Los Angeles and select SQAD Report
  • The Cost per Point for 3Q19 (the latest available date) for Prime time is 6,350
  • For Modern Family, multiply 6.399 (Nielsen rating) by 6,350 (Cost per Point) for a price of $40,633.
  • For Riverdale, multiply .414 (Nielsen rating) by 6,350 for a price of $2,628
Internet Advertising Tools: