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E2B Psychographic & Demographic Market Research

Using market research data to determine demographic, behaviors, and psychographic information for your market target

DemogrpahicsNow Instructions

Creating a list of Business or Non-profits

  1. Find and open DemographicsNow from the list of Pepperdine Libraries' databases
  2. In the right hand corner, select a geographic location (this can be a city, county, state, or a distance radius of an address)
  3. Once you have selected a location, proceed to the tab People and Companies
  4. Use the dropdown to identify the type of entity you wish to make a list of within your selected geographic location (i.e. Businesses or Nonprofits)
  5. Use the limiters on the left-hand side to screen for specific types of companies or nonprofits
  6. Once you have selected your screening criteria click search
  7. A list of companies will be created that meet your criteria, if any exist within the area
  8. Select the companies you wish to see a little about and click "Details"
  9. Go back by clicking on the results tab, and from the list select the companies that most interest you for your project and click "View on Map"

Map functions

  1. See where you list of companies appear on the map
  2. Use the map function to add variables to create a quintile of sections on the map of the area


  1. Click on the Demographics tab and use the dropdowns to find demographic breakdowns of the area
    1. There are three report types: Comparison, Rank, and Summary
    2. Each will have a list of different reports within them that you can choose from to learn more about the breakdown within your selected geographic location