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E2B Psychographic & Demographic Market Research: Statista

Using market research data to determine demographic, behaviors, and psychographic information for your market target

Statista Introduction

Statista is used to gather statistics on your research topic which can be downloaded. 

Statista Search Bar


Statista Search Results List

Statista Search Bar Instructions

  • Use the search bar to enter your topic.
  • If possible, use the populated search suggestions as those may be controlled vocabulary that would help the database pull data more efficiently.
  • You can also use the drop-down menus at the top to filter results based on reports, statistics, or any of the items listed.

Statista Search Results List Instructions

  • Use the filtration methods on the left-hand side to filter the search results.
  • Dossiers are considered reports and will contain the most comprehensive data. This report has to be downloaded and can not be viewed online.
  • Statistics files can be viewed online and can be downloaded into numerous file formats.