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LEGL School of Public Policy and Graziadio Business Law

Use the resources in this guide to locate research and policy around laws and legislation.

Why Look for Other Articles Within and Beyond the Legal Field?

Beyond primary sources (the statutes, regulations, and laws), there are other secondary legal sources such as law review journals, legal journals, books, reports, and other writing that provide legal perspective. With topics impacting business as relate to the law, it is also helpful to consider other secondary sources and below are some helpful sources to utilize. 

Searching within Legal Research Databases

The databases listed below are excellent starting points and are not the only legal databases available through the Pepperdine Libraries. Consult the full list: Pepperdine Libraries Databases by Subject>Legal.

Searching for Scholarly and News Articles (Library Databases)

Reading Books & e-Books

Books in print and electronic format can be another helpful source of information on your topic. For any books or articles that are not available in full-text, you can use Interlibrary Loan (ILL) to request materials.

Seeing What Practicing Attorneys Read (Free Resources)

Using the National Criminal Justice Reference Service Virtual Library (Free Resource)

Library of Congress Comprehensive Index of Legal Reports (Free Resource)