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DESC Graziadio Decision Sciences

This guide is intended to support research in topics related to the field of Decision Sciences.

Access Franz Edelman Papers



  • Click on the second link under Access journal

STEP 3: 

Open a new browser and go to the INFORMS Franz Edelman Award Winners page. On this page, select Show All from the Past Awardees page. From there, choose from the papers.

Go back to the browser page that has the library's subscription to Interfaces journal from INFORMS. Use keywords from the titles you located from the Awardees page to search in the library's subscription to Interfaces. 

Please note that the most recent award winning paper gets published for the previous year in the mid-February issue of the current year (e.g., 2018 award winning paper is the most current award winning paper and is not available until mid-February 2019; e.g., 2017 award winning paper is published in the mid-February 2018 issue).

OR ... alternate instructions with techniques for locating Franz Edelman papers are available from the video below.