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DESC Graziadio Decision Sciences

This guide is intended to support research in topics related to the field of Decision Sciences.

Top Databases for Locating Journal Articles

Keywords to Try

Search tip: It is helpful to structure your search by combining search terms related to a specific product, company, competitor, and/or industry with some of the keywords listed below.  It is always a good idea to perform several searches and explore the results.

Example: I need to locate articles on Ford Motors value chain.

  • Ford and (suppliers or supply chain)
  • Ford and operations and management
  • "auto industry" and "supply chain"

Keywords and Phrases

  • operations
  • management
  • "operations management"
  • "supply chain"
  • "supply chain management"
  • "industrial management"
  • "decision making"
  • logistics
  • "inventory management"
  • "quality control"
  • distribution
  • fulfillment