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This guide provides access to recommended research resources for religion


This research guide will point you toward research resources and strategies available to you as scholars doing religion research at Pepperdine. 

Use this guide throughout the research process to help you have the best support for your thesis and research.

How to Search for Commentaries

To find commentaries on a specific book of the Bible, go the advanced search page of Pepperdine's library catalog. Choose "subject" from the drop-down menu and enter these search terms, substituting the name of the book you need:

Bible.Commentaries Mark

To find commentaries in a particular series or by a particular publisher, add a "keyword" search for the series name or publisher name to your "subject" search from above. Here is a sample:

su:(Bible.Commentaries Mark) AND kw:("New Collegeville Bible Commentary")

Or if you just want to see the available commentaries from a particular publisher or in a particular series (not limited to a particular book of the Bible) enter your "subject" search and "keyword" search terms in this way, substituting the name of the publisher or series you would like to find:

su:(Bible.Commentaries) AND kw:("Eerdmans")

Another helpful search might be to search by subject and by series name, substituting the name of the series you would like to find:

su:(Bible.Commentaries) AND se:(Belief)

Or to search by series name, simply try the following search, substituting the name of the series you would like to find:

se:(The Story of God Bible Commentary)

Pepperdine has both print and online commentaries. To view only electronic commentaries, limit your search to ebooks by checking that box on the left side of the results page.

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