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FINC Finance (Kownatzki)

This guide provides financial research guidance for students in Prof. Clemens Kownatzki's courses.



Bloomberg terminals are on-site only workstations available on the Malibu campus at the Payson Library and Drescher Library. These workstations are limited to Pepperdine students, staff, and faculty and require an account. Students can set up the account the first time they use one of the terminals. Special assistance from a library worker is required to use the Bloomberg Terminals at the Drescher Campus Library. 

Bloomberg is a very powerful database that provides the following content:

  • Current and historical data on equities, stock market indices, fixed-income securities, commodities, futures and currencies
  • Analyst reports that provide forecasts
  • News stories related to business
  • Video and audio interviews of important business figures
  • Industry ratios reports for up to 20 user-specified data categories by using the "RV" (relative value) function
  • Quarterly and yearly ratios for virtually every public company traded on every stock exchange worldwide
  • Industry specific financials