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Computer Science: Training Resources

This guide will introduce computer science resources available to Pepperdine University students.

Training Resources

  • Coding Bootcamp Programs
  • Bootcamps by BestColleges: a guide that explores how to get into a coding bootcamp while also providing tips to increase your admission chances.
  • Computer offers the most up-to-date information in computer science education and a collection of financial aid, academic and career resources. 
  • Cybersecurity Guide: provides a wide variety of cybersecurity resources curated by educational experts.
  • Industry and Career Resources for promoting Diversity in Engineering
  • Directorate for Computer 
  • ExcelMojo: Learn and Master Microsoft Excel with 200+ free articles, step by step guides, all about formulas & functions, self-study resources and excel templates.
  • IT Tutorials: contains comprehensive information on different programming languages' tutorials, e.g. Java, Python, PHP, C++, C#, C, C sharp, SQL, ... and software installation, Network Security, Careers, Ethical Hacking Tutorials.
  • LANL Research Library - Curated library resources by topics, e.g. diversity, bias, racism, stem, inclusion.
  • WallStreetMojo: allStreetMojo understands the significance of data management especially in the field of finance. This is why we have created over 600 resources for you to understand the best data management tool in-depth. This inventory contains all Excel-related needs. The articles cover all the functions and formulas in excel.