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BA 355: Principles of Marketing (Novell): Marketing Databases

these will help you find resources for you assignment

Companies and their corporate structure

Section 3:

Health-Ade Kombucha (private company) Kombucha gummies

Colgate (Colgate-Palmolive public company) gum with anti-cavity features)

Yankee Candle (private company YCC Holdings LLC) scented humidifier

Puffs (a brand of Procter & Gamble a public company) toilet paper

Section 4:

Spotify (public company) speakers

M&M's (owned by Mars Inc- private company) vegan M&M candy

Bounty bamboo (owned by Procter & Gamble- public company) paper towels

Nike (public) cooling insoles

Tesla (public) solar smartphone

Section 5:

Cuisinart (owned by Conair) Ice Cream scoop

Bath & Body Works (public) laundry pods

Bose (private) open ear audio earrings

 Haagen Dazs (owned by General Mills- public company) popsicles

Company Financial Data

Example: I need financial data for Procter & Gamble (owns Bounty & Puffs)

  • Type procter & gamble and select The Procter & Gamble Company (NYSE:PG)
  • Click the link on the left-hand side for Income statement for revenues and net income data.
  • Click the link on the left for Segments for revenues % Baby, Feminine & Family Care which includes Bounty and Puffs

Example: I need financial data for Spotify.

  • Type spotify into the select Spotify Technology S.A. (NYSE:SPOT)
  • Click the link on the left-hand side for Income statement for revenues and net income data.
  • Click More Options and change the currency from Euros to US Dollars and click Go

S&P Net Advantage will also provide financial data for:

  • Bath & Body Works
  • Colgate-Palmolive
  • Nike
  • Tesla
  • Haagen Dazs (search with the parent company General Mills)

Example: I need some background information and sales for either Mars Inc. (owns M&M candy)

  • Register an account using your Pepperdine email address
  • Type the company name into the search box and select the profile
  • Click the tab for "Financials"

Financial data is also available for:

  • Conair (owns Cuisinart)
  • Health-Ade Kombucha
  • YCC Holdings LLC (Yankee Candle)
  • Bose

SWOT Analyses and Articles

Example: I want a swot analysis for Apple inc.

  • Type procter & gamble into the first box
  • Type swot into the second box and change Select a Field to TX Text with the pull-down menu
  • On the left-hand side set the date for 2020-2022
  • Please Note: these SWOT Analyses are very basic and far from perfect

SWOT Analyses will also be available for these companies:

  • Sirius XM
  • Whirlpool
  • PepsiCo
  • Coca Cola
  • Nike
  • Colgate-Palmolive

Example: I need a SWOT Analysis for Spotify.

  • Click the link for "A Publication"
  • Type spotify swot analysis into the "Search for Something Specific Box"
  • Tye globaldata into the Find Publication box and select GlobalData Company Profiles

SWOT Analyses will also be available for these companies:

  • Sirius XM
  • Netflix

Industry Information

IBIS World will assist you with the following aspects of your Marketing Plan:

  • Situation/Market Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Distribution
  • Financial Evaluation

IBISWorld is a great resource for industry report on specific industries such as convenience stores, daycare, or custom screen printing.

Example: I need an industry report for relevant to gummies.

  • Type candy into the box and select Candy Production in the US

Additional reports relevant to group projects:

  • Headphone Manufacturing
  • Colgate-Palmolive
  • Chocolate Production in the US
  • Audio & Video Equipment Manufacturing in the US
  • Sanitary Paper Product Manufacturing in the US
  • Hand Tool & Cutlery Manufacturing in the US (ice cream scoop)
  • Soap & Cleaning Compound Manufacturing in the US (laundry pods)
  • Global Household Cooking & Appliance Manufacturing (humidifiers)
  • Cosmetic & Beauty Products Manufacturing in the US (broad category that includes oral care products)
  • Foot Care Product Manufacturing or Shoe & Footwear Manufacturing in the US
  • Communication Equipment Manufacturing in the US
  • Ice Cream Production in the US

Company or brand searching:

  • Type in either the name of your company or brand name (e.g. Netflix or Kitchenaid)
  • If you are searching for a company, on the left-hand side click the link for Dossiers for in-depth statistical reports. Large companies like Nike, Whirpool, Tesla or Apple will have dossiers. Smaller companies like Jamba Juice, Skechers, Peet's or Shake Shack won't have dossiers.
  • Also search for specific brands like Altoids, Menthos, Kitchenaid,etc.

Industry searches:

  • Type in keywords describing the industry into the box
  • Some industries such as the following will have Dossiers:
    • Confectionery in the United States
    • Chocolate in the United States
    • Household paper products brands: Bounty & Charmin - Statistics & Facts
    • Laundry Care Report 2020
    • Kombucha
    • Oral health
    • Speakers (smart speakers, speakers & headphones, etc.)
    • Bose Brand Report
    • Toilet Paper Report 2022
    • Athletic footwear market in the U.S.
    • Smartphones in the U.S.
    • Frozen desserts in the U.S

You can search for more specific products that will have statistical data even though the more comprehensive dossiers won't be available:

  • Cookware
  • ice cream scoop
  • laundry pods
  • Humidifiers
  • karaoke
  • Haagen Dazs (for sales at the brand level)

Passport will assist you with the following aspects of your Marketing Plan:

  • Situation/Market Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis (detailed market share)
  • Foreign Entry Potential
  • Distribution

Example: I'm looking for a report relevant to a speakers,

  • Type audio us into the box and select the report titled "Home Audio and Cinema in the US" under the heading for Analysis
  • Download a PDF copy of the report

Additional relevant reports:

  • Sugar Confectionery in the US
  • Paper towels in USA
  • Chocolate Confectionery in the US
  • Laundry Care in the US
  • Consumer Expenditure on Glassware, Tableware and Household Utensils in USA (just the market size rather than an entire report)
  • Homewares in the US (utensils)
  • Air Treatment Products in the US
  • Oral Care in the US
  • Headphones in the US
  • Mobile Phones in the US
  • Footwear in the US or Sportswear in the US
  • Toilet Paper in USA
  • Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts in the US

Example: I want data on earbuds.

  • Type earbuds into the search box and click search

Example: I want a business plan relevant to rentals of recreational equipment.

  • Type equipment rental into the Search within Series box
  • The report "Scooter Rental Business" looks relevant

Example: I want a business plan relevant to cosmetics manufacturing.

  • Type cosmetics into the search box
  • The report "Cosmetics Manufacturer" appears useful

Demographic Information

MIntel will assist you with the following aspects of your Marketing Plan:

  • Consumer Segmentation & Targeting
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Distribution
  • Pricing
  • *Mintel is a great resource for Psychographics*

Example: I need a report relevant to a frozen dessert.

  • Type frozen novelties and select the report titled, "Ice Cream and Frozen Novelties - US - April 2021"
  • Be sure to select the Excel Databook to obtain a demographic breakdown for all of the survey questions

Additional Reports relevant to group projects:

  • Non-Chocolate Confectionery: Incl Impact of COVID-19 - US - June 2020
  • Chocolate Confectionery: Incl Impact of COVID-19 - US - May 2020
  • Household Paper Products - US - February 2020
  • Home Laundry Products - US - 2021
  • Home Entertainment Technology: Hardware & Services - US - 2021
  • Air Treatment - US - January 2018
  • Oral Health - US - May 2021
  • Wearable Technology - US - January 2021
  • Ice Cream and Frozen Novelties - US - April 2021
  • Cookware - US - 2021"
  • Smartphones: Incl Impact of COVID-19 - US - June 2020
  • Men's & Women's Footwear: Incl Impact of COVID-19 - US - May 2020

Simmon Brand Catalyst will assist you with the following aspects of your marketing plan:

  • Consumer demographics
  • Consumer attitudes/Psychographics
  • Identify the best places to advertise

After logging in:

  • Select Catalyst at the top of the screen and select Brand Catalyst
  • Type in your product/service/brand and then select Explore

Demographic data will be available for these products/services:

  • Vegetarian attitudes/opinions agree a lot
  • ice cream quarts (select the amount you want)
  • Pod/liquid pack
  • I buy paper products that are recycled (agree a lot)
  • Portable speakers
  • Humidifiers
  • oral care
  • headphones
  • toilet paper rolls used
  • athletic shoes
  • smartphone user

Specific brands:

  • M&Ms
  • Spotify
  • Bounty
  • Bath & Body Works shopped
  • Yankee
  • Bose
  • Nike
  • Haagen Dazs
  • Fudgesicle/Popsicle

Market Research Reports (not owned by Pepperdine)

Example: I need information about the market size for automotive air fresheners. 

  • Here is the summary of a market research report that provides estimates for the size of the industry and lists the key players.
  • Please note: Peppedine doesn't have access to the full report