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LEGL 470 Legal environment of Business - (Herzog): Finding books

Tips for Finding Books

When searching for books, there are a couple good strategies to start with:

1. If you already have a relevant book or article in hand, use its bibliography to help find other sources;

2. Use the "More like this" link to find other books within your subject area.

3. Think of synonyms or variations on spelling and try and OR search:

  • theater OR theatre
  • teenager OR adolescents

For some literary research it's important to track a particular author whose name may have varied over the course of his/her lifetime or publication history. In these cases, pay attention to cross-references in the catalog when you do an Author or Subject search for a name. Keep all name variants in mind when you search other catalogs and databases to ensure that you are finding all relevant resources.

Books Through Pepperdine

There are 2 ways to get books through Pepperdine.

The first is through our catalog.

The second is through Interlibrary Loan (ILL).

Here are some screen shots to help you find the best books.

A Few Tips:

When you find the book that you want; text yourself the call number. This way you can save paper and have the number right in your phone!

You can also email yourself the records to review later.

What to do if the book is not on your campus:

You can check your books status by logging into your Library Account.