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ECNM 478 - Dr. Jasso - International Business: Using Passport (previously GMID)

Economic Data & Independent Variables

Passport Database (World Marketing Data & Statistics)

This database is the best resource for economic indicators. It will also contain many statistics that you can use as independent variables. 

Example #1: I want historical and forecasted GDP data and inflation rates for the United States.

  • At the top of the screen, click  Countries & Consumers and click the link for Economy, Finance & Trade
  • Use the pull-down menu menu for the Search Tree to select economic indicators
  • Click the box next to Annual rates of inflation
  • Click the plus sign next to GDP
  • Click the box next to Total GDP and also click the box next to Real GDP Growth
  • Click the Now Choose Geographies icon at the bottom of the screen
  • Click the plus sign next to North America and click the box for USA (many other nations can be selected)
  • Click See Data Now
  • Click Change Time Series and click By Year
  • Click the boxes for 1995-2020 (or any other years that you need) and click Apply
  • Click the Excel icon on the upper-right hand corner to download the figures to Excel
  • Click the Chart icon to obtain charts of the data

Example #2: I need a report covering consumer lifestyles for a specific country.

  • Select the link for Countries & Consumers at the top of the screen
  • Click Consumer Trends & Lifestyles
  • Go to the Consumer Lifestyles section and select your country with the pull-down menu and click Go

Business Source Premier

Good source for country reports.

Example: I need a country report for Spain.

  • Type spain into the first box and select GE Geographic Terms with the pull-down menu
  • Scroll down and click the box for Full Text
  • Scroll down to Publication Type and select Country Reports
  • Click Search