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Finding Book Reviews

Hints on locating book reviews for your assignments

Finding Book Reviews in Databases

The most important full-text journal databases, JSTOR and ProjectMUSE, are both excellent tools for locating scholarly book reviews, as to a lesser extent is Academic Search Complete.

Use JSTOR to find reviews of books with an imprint/copyright more than a few years old, and ProjectMUSE to find reviews of books published in the last several years. Please keep in mind that all three of these databases index substantive journal articles in addition to book reviews, so be sure to limit your search to "Reviews" in JSTOR, "Reviews Only" in ProjectMUSE, and "Book Review" in Academic Search Complete.

Book Reviews and Book News

Information from the New Yorks Times Books Section

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Scholarly Book Reviews

Some book review sources are not appropriate for scholarly work. Avoid reviews in popular magazines such as Choice, Library Journal, Publisher's Weekly, Booklist, etc. Reviews in these kinds of publications are not scholarly reviews.