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InfoGuides | Pepperdine Libraries

Writing A Research Paper: Databases & Websites


  • Databases  
    • Databases are formatted searchable collections of materials. Experts and professionals curate and update the information held in the database. Usually, libraries pay for students to have access to databases.   
    • Listed below are a few popular databases Pepperdine University Libraries currently provides access to.   
    • Also included are step-by-step and video tutorials on how to navigate the Pepperdine University Databases & E-Journals feature. 

Sources and Where to Find Them: Website


  • Websites 
    • Although websites are often the quickest way to find information, they are not the most reliable. Therefore, it is essential to evaluate the credibility of websites. Remember, there is a big difference between databases and websites. A website is a page on the internet that anyone can create. Sites are rarely fact-checked and can contain incorrect information. Databases, however, contain information created and maintained by experts and professionals. Additionally, databases will always give a complete citation for the information source.