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Business: EMBA/PKE

This guide will introduce business resources available to Pepperdine University Executive MBA and Presidents and Key Executive MBA students.

Obtaining Country Reports, Background Country Info, and Economic Data With Passport

Example: I need a country report for Spain from a business perspective.

  • Type Spain business dynamics into the search box at the top
  • Select the report for Business Dynamics: Spain

Example: I want forecasted GDP data and inflation rates for New Zealand and several other countries.

  • At the top of the screen, click the link for Economies and select Economy, Finance and Trade
  • Go the section for "Statistics" and use the pull-down menu to select "GDP"
  • Click Go
  • Scroll down to GDP and click the arrow
  • Select all of the types of GDP data that you need
  • Click Next
  • Go to Geographies and select New Zealand
  • Click Search
  • Click the link Economies and Consumers Annual Data on the left-hand column
  • Use the pull-down menu to select the years that you need (forecasted data is available to 2030
  • Click Apply

Example: I want some information on the city of Mumbai.

  • Type Mumbai into the search box and then select City Travel Briefing: Mumbai
  • Download the report as a PDF

Example: I need a report covering consumer lifestyles for a specific country.

  • Select the link for Countries & Consumers at the top of the screen
  • Click Consumer Trends & Lifestyles
  • Go to the Consumer Lifestyles section and select your country with the pull-down menu and click Go

(examples courtesy of Marc Vinyard)

Sourcing Data and Statistics from IMF

Locating Various Country Profiles Using Business Source Complete

Example: I need a country report for China

  1. Type China into the first search box and change Select a Field to GE Geographic Terms
  2. Scroll down to Publication Type and select "Country Report"
  3. Click Search

        Tip: Use the date range filter to display only the past few years of results 

Other Library Resources for Locating Country Information

Business Etiquette