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Business: EMBA/PKE

This guide will introduce business resources available to Pepperdine University Executive MBA and Presidents and Key Executive MBA students.

Why Look for Books?

Unlike articles that tend to provide very specific information on a topic, books generally provide a more comprehensive level of detail on a topic. This page provides strategies for searching the Pepperdine Libraries catalog for books.

General Guide for Pepperdine e-Books

When Looking for Books ...

When searching for books, there are a couple good strategies to start with:

1. If you already have a relevant book or article in hand, use its bibliography to help find other sources.

2. Use the "More like this" link to find other books within your subject area.

3. Define your search with words that must appear in your results using AND between each term:

  • marketing AND strategy AND teens
  • demographic AND spending patterns AND social media

4. Expand your search by using OR between synonyms or variations on spelling:

  • behavior OR behaviour
  • millennial OR baby boomers OR gen x
  • customer OR consumer

Using the Library Catalog to Search for Books

Start searching the library's collections using the search box (our catalog) on the library home page You can limit your search results to eBooks which can be read online.



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