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Women's & Gender Studies

This is a subject guide for resources in Women's & Gender Studies.

Getting Started

Women's & Gender Studies is Interdisciplinary -- think broadly and outside the box!

This research guide suggests many types of information sources, including reference books, scholarly journals and primary sources, with a focus on Women's & Gender topics.  However, you may have to search databases specific to multiple disciplines to get a thorough sense of your topic.

Conducting research in Women's and Gender Studies requires assessing the reliability of the information found while considering it through the lens of Women's & Gender Studies.  Some questions to keep in mind when evaluating research:

  • Who did the research?  
  • Who is the audience for this research?  What is the purpose of the article?
  • How inclusive or exclusive were the researcher(s)? How large (or small) was the participant group?
  • What evidence does the author provide? Was there bias in the analysis?
  • What was not considered -- what did they ignore or overlook?

Essential Databases

Recommended Databases