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This guide provides tutorials on how to navigate our Pepperdine Libraries website as well as how to use some of Pepperdine Libraries' valuable online resources.

How to Print Using the Papercut Website Step by Step Guide

1. Make sure you have funds in your web deposit account to print.

2. Go to our Pepperdine Papercut Website: 

3. Log in using your Wavenet credentials.

4. After signing in you will be taken to your Papercut account. 

5. The CBORD Balance is your current printer funds balance.  

6. Click on "Web Print" to continue on with the printing process.

7. After following steps 1 and 2, click on "Submit A Job."

8. After clicking "Submit A Job," choose which format you would like your document to print out as. There are four options to choose from; listed below are the four options in the order they appear on the screen. After choosing your preferred format click on "Print Options and Account Selection" at the bottom of the page.


A. Black and white double-sided

B. Black and White single-sided

C. Color double-sided

D. Color single-sided

9. After choosing which format you would like your document input, the number of copies you would like your print job to be. There is a limit of ten copiers per print job.  

10. Then click on "Upload Document."

11. Then upload your PDF document in the white box. You can drag and drop files or click on the green "Upload From Computer" link to choose documents from your computer.  

12. After uploading documents, click on "Upload and Complete." 
* Remember Papercut only accepts PDF and JPEG files. 

13. On this page, you will see your print job. Under status, it should read "Held In A Queue."  

14. Click on "Held In A Queue." 

15. After selecting "Held In A Queue," click on "Print." After selecting print, you may retrieve your document from any public Pepperdine printer. Once you are at a printer, tap your Pepperdine ID card up against the "Just Tap" sticker located on the printer. Or type in your Wavenet credentials on the printer touchscreen. 

* The next step will show an option after you click "Print" in which your document can print automatically. You will not have to use your Pepperdine ID card or type in your Wavenet credentials

16. On this page, scroll through and find the printer location you are at. 
17. Then click on the green link to the left of the printer location. 
18. For example, if I am at the Drescher library, I would find the Drescher library on the list. 
19. Then I would click on the green link next to the Drescher library, which is walnut\SHARP546