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Finding Global Data

This Guide will provide you with a list of resources for finding global data

Business Source Complete Introduction

Business Source Complete is a database that you can use to pull up academic research articles in order to find information on your topic that requires global data.

You will need to use Boolean logic and filtration methods as shown below in order to mine this data.

Business Source Complete Instructions

  1. Type in your topic into the first search bar. For this example, I used "Banking Industry".

  2. Use the second search bar to enter the term "Global Market". Entering this term in the second search bar will tell the database to cross all articles that contain the first search bars term with the second search bar term.

  3. Make sure you use the boolean operator "AND". This will force the database to read the search bar by the criteria set forth in step 2.

Business Source Complete Search Results

  • Use the geography filtration method on the left-hand side of the navigation bar to filter based on geographic location. This will help you filter all the search results to pinpoint which location you want to mine information from.

  • Click show more to see more countries and select multiple varies for this filtration method.