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Graziadio (EMBA)

List of resources for EMBA students.


Welcome students of EMBA 

This Info Guide will provide a comprehensive list of resources at your disposal both free such as government databases as well as databases licensed by Pepperdine University.

This information will assist you in creating a market segmentation analysis based on the four variables of geographic location, demographics, behaviors, and psychographics.

If you should need further assistance please contact me by email or phone which are both located at the bottom of the page.

You can also use our LibAnswers software to submit questions via chat or email in which case a ticket will be produced and any one of our wonderful Pepperdine University librarians will provide assistance. That link will be provided below.

You can also reach the ask a librarian chat software by visiting and clicking on the "Ask A Librarian" button located under the search bar as pictured below