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Cross-Cultural Management

This guide provides library resources for conducting business abroad and researching the influence of culture on management practice in a non-English speaking country. Learn how to search for scholarly articles on business cultures and locate eBooks.

Locating eBooks on Specific Country Business Practices

Tip: There are two very helpful ebook series available from ProQuest Ebook Central providing relevant information on doing business for many (not all) countries. They are: 

  • Passport book series (e.g., Passport India) 
  • CultureShock! book series (e.g., CultureShock! UAE)

To see other books on business etiquette beyond these series, try another search technique. 

Example: I need books on business etiquette in Mexico

  • Type "business etiquette Mexico" into the box and click search
  • Scroll through the titles and click the link for "Read this book"

There are other books and ebooks available through the Pepperdine Libraries beyond those in the ProQuest Central database listed above. Search the library catalog on the library home page

Example: I need ebooks on doing business in China

  • from the library home page, type business etiquette China into the box and click search
  • on the resulting screen, filter format to select eBook


Locating Scholarly Articles on Business Cultures

Example: I need scholarly articles on business culture in India.

  • Type India into the first box
  • Type corporate culture into the second box and click search
  • On the left-hand side of the screen, click the box for Scholarly (Peer reviewed articles)

Example: I need articles about business etiquette in China.

  • Type China into the first box
  • Type etiquette into the second box and click search

Example: I need articles that compare business cultures in Mexico and the United States.

  • Type cross cultural into the first box
  • Type Mexico into the second box
  • Type United States into the third box and click search


Selected Print Books on Business Etiquette

Selected eBooks on Business Etiquette

Country Guides

Additional Country Economic, Political, and Legal Resources

Learn how to locate Country Profiles as well as Country Reports to better understand a country's economic, political, and legal issues on the Pepperdine Libraries InfoGuide Graziadio Global Business Resources page.