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BA 470: Marketing Research (Conlin)

these will help you find resources for you assignment

EBSCOHost databases (like Business Source Premier which contains Markeline SWOT reports)

SWOT Analysis:

Marketline (2023). Alphabet Inc SWOT analysis, Business Source Complete.,url,uid,cookie&db=bth&AN=163730650&site=ehost-live&scope=site

Magazine Article:

Love, J., Alba, D., & Nylen, L. (2023). The government goes after Google again. Bloomberg Businessweek4771, 18 -19.,url,uid,cookie&db=bth&AN=161573904&site=ehost-live&scope=site



Experian (2023). Civilian Mosaic household distribution: A Power Elite: 90263 (Malibu (zip). DemographicsNow. Retrieved August 7, 2023 from

DemographicsNow (2023).  Average (mean) family household income: 90263 Malibu (zip) [chart]. DemographicsNow. Retrieved January 12, 2024 from



Fernandez, C. (2020, May). Supermarkets & grocery stores in the US. IBISWorld.

Insider Intelligence (formerly eMarketer)

Insider Intelligence:

Williamson, D.A. (2020, June). US social media usage: How the Coronavirus is changing consumer behavior. Insider Intelligence.

Mergent Online

Mergent (n.d.). Albertsons Companies Inc. company financials: income statement 2016-2020. Mergent. Retrieved August 21, 2020 from



Owen, J. (2020, April). Grocery retailing: Incl impact of COVID-19 - US. Mintel.

Newspaper and Magazine articles (Websites)

Online Newspaper:

Colias, M. & Glickman, B. (2024, January 11).  After big Tesla bet, Hertz selling one-third of EV fleet. Wall Street Journal.

Online Magazine:

Ray, S. (2024, January 11). Google cuts hundreds of jobs In engineering, voice assistant and hardware divisions. Forbes.

Nexis Uni

SWOT Analysis:

GlobalData (2022, February). Industria de Diseno Textil SA; GlobalData - SWOT analysis. Nexis Uni.

Magazine Article:

Ghoshal, A. (2023, January) 25. How layoffs at Google could affect enterprise cloud services. Nexis Uni.



Euromonitor. (2020, March). Supermarkets in the US. Passport.



PrivCo. (n.d.). Whimstay, Inc. company profile: Financials, valuation, and growth. Retrieved April 14, 2023, from



Sheridan, E.J., Steiger, A., Miller, B.,  Czura, L., Vegliante, A., Lin, C. & McKennon, M. (2021, January 24). US Internet & Interactive Entertainment Assessing the Consumer Usage & Ad Engagement Landscape (13th Ed.). UBS. Refinitiv.

SEC Filings from Website

SEC Filing from a website:

Albertson Companies Inc. (2020, February 29). Form 10-K.

S&P Net Advantage

S&P Net Advantage:

Sundaram, A. & Young, J.Y. (2020, June). U.S. Food & Staples Retailing. S&P Net Advantage.

Standard & Poor's (n.d.). Netflix Inc. fixed income: Securities summary. Retrieved February 9, 2022 from

Standard & Poors (n.d.). Netflix Inc, financials: Income statement: 2017-201. Retrieved February 9, 2022 from

Scholarly Articles

Scholarly article with a Digital Object Identifier (DOI):

Andrade, M.S. & Westover, J.H. (2020). Comparative job satisfaction and its determinants in for-profit and nonprofit employees across the globe. American Journal of Management, 20 (1) 46-63. https://doi:10.33423/ajm.v20i1.2752

Scholarly article Without a DOI:

Haeffele, S., & Storr, V. H. (2019). Hierarchical management structures and housing the poor: An analysis of Habitat for Humanity in Birmingham, Alabama. Journal of Private Enterprise, 34(1), 15-37.


Quick Reports:

MRI-Simmons. (2021). 2021 Spring MRI-Simmons USA  [Media: Television/Number of hours watched last 7 days] [Quick Report: Social Media Usage].

Brand Catalyst:

MRI-Simmons. (2021). 2021 Spring MRI-Simmons USA [Air Filters: Brand/ Total Users Bought in last 12 months] [Brand Catalyst].

Cross Tab:

MRI-Simmons. (2021). 2021 Spring MRI-Simmons USA [Respondent Age/Beverages: Energy Drinks] [Data set].




Public Religion Research. (2020, September). Religious affiliation in the United States 2017, by age [Graph]. Statista.