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SWOT Reports : IBIS World

Using databases to gather information for a SWOT Analysis.


The following information will assist you in navigating through IBIS World for industry-specific reports.


IBIS World Report


IBIS World Search List Instructions

  1. When you first log into the IBIS World database use the search bar to search for an industry to pull an industry analysis.
  2. Use the left filtration methods to filter the search results based on region and content type.
  3. Looking after every search result entry will tell you what region or content type the report falls under.

IBIS World Report Instructions

  1. Use the navigation tools on the left to browse through the different parts of the industry report.
  2. Please take note of the author, report title, and the date of publication of this report. You will need this information in order to cite this report.
  3. You can also download this report by clicking on the red arrow after the title of the report.
    • Downloading the report will create a PDF file of the report. The PDF file contains page numbers which makes citing much easier.