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SciFinder Scholar

Quick Reference Guide

For a quick introduction to CAS (Chemical Abstract Society) SciFindern, a Quick Reference Guide is available for download. 

Basic Search Tips

In CAS SciFindern, you can search for:

  • Substances - by name, molecular formula, or chemical property as well as by drawing the structure
  • Reactions - as published in organic chemistry journals
  • References - published articles, papers, etc. by any part of the reference or by keywords in the title, abstract, or concept (subject tag) for the item
  • Suppliers - the entity or organization that sells a certain chemical 
  • A combination of all 4  

You can also search for: 

  • Sequences - proteins or nucleotide strings by using standard BLAST, CDR, or Motif sequence
  • Retrosynthesis analysis - enter the desired product and analyze synthetic routes that lead you to the product