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Public Relations


Media Ad Rates

Internet Advertising

  • (website)
    • lists top 500 websites and provides traffic information, number of visitors, search queries (what people were searching for to get to that site), page views, etc.
    • some audience demo information
    • can compare up to 5 websites
  • (website)
    • in particular, look at Compete Search Analytics
    • can search by web URL or keyword
    • does not provide the number of visitors for sites, but does give market share information amongst similar companies
  • (website)
    • an Experian product
    • in particular, look at the Data Center 
    • lists top websites (for selected industries) and search engines
    • provides market share, but not number of visitors

Media Market Research & Rankings

SQAD Media Market Guide:  print periodical with advertising cost projection data for streaming, tv, cable, radio, digital and outdoor.  Available in Reference at Payson Library.

Media Market Guide: Top 100 Marketing Areas: journal available through Interlibrary Loan

Media market guide national report : broadcast network, cable network and syndication CPM and CPP projections: journal available through Interlibrary Loan