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Finding Newspapers

Newspapers at Other Institutions

  • Newspapers at the Los Angeles Public Library. 

    The History Department of the main branch of Los Angeles Public Library (LAPL) is the repository for most of these newspapers, although some are also in branch libraries. Each branch also has a copy of the newspaper holdings of the system. Selective indexing is provided to some of these newspapers by the Departments's "California History Card Index."

    The list of Los Angeles newspapers given below is just a partial list, with dates being those of the holdings at LAPL. Check the Los Angeles Public Library (LAPL) website for all of the holdings.

Some Papers Include:

  • Hollywood Citizen News, 1968-70

  • Los Angeles City News, 1951-1952; 1965-1965

  • Los Angeles Downtown News, 1972-

  • Los Angeles Examiner, 1903-1962

  • Los Angeles Reader, 1978-

  • Los Angeles Sentinel, 1946- 

  • Los Angeles Weekly, 1978-

  • Los Angeles Evening Express, 1897-1901

  • Los Angeles Evening Herald Express, 1950-1962 

    • Los Angeles Evening Herald and Express, 1931-1950 

    • Los Angeles Evening Herald, 1911-1931 

    • Los Angeles Evening News, 1943-1945

  • Union Lists. Union lists describe the holdings of multiple libraries. Vauable, though older, newspaper union lists include:

Other Types of News Media