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EMBA-Professor Dave McMahon.

Mergent Online Searching

  • Enter the publicly traded company into the search bar. If you type slow, the database will start to auto-populate suggestions for you. Choose the correct company from that list.
  • You can also search using the SIC or NAICS codes to the left to find companies that fall into those codes.

Ford Motor Company Details Tab

The company details tab will provide you with multiple data points such as key executives' salaries, number of employees, stock pricing which can be adjusted for different values, and much more.

Company Financials Tab

The following sections are found under the company financial tab.

As Reported: This section contains the reported annual balance sheet.

Prelims: Contains the companies prelim balance sheet and annual statement.

Restated: The restated tab contains detailed information on where the company has its money invested in the company. For example, you can find their cash and cash allowances information, building and software investments, and etc.

Ratios: You will need this data for your projects where you have to calculate the ratios for the company.

Analysis: The analysis section contains comprehensive data on the last three tabs.

Reports Tab

The reports tab is where you can locate the companies 10K reports. You can also locate industry reports made available by Mergent on this tab.