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NASC 109- Introduction to Astronomy : Finding Articles

Hubble Telescope Image

Getting Started

These online databases are a good place to start your research.  For brief description of the database click "i" link for more information.

For more suggested sources, consult the right-hand side of this web page. ---->

Search Google Scholar

If your Google Scholar is connected to your Pepperdine account, your chances of finding articles with the full text available will greatly increase. Connect your account by going to Settings, then click "Library Links" and type "Pepperdine" into the search box. An option that says "Pepperdine University Libraries - Full-Text@Pepperdine" should come up, and you can select that. Please contact Erin McAllister ( with any questions or problems. 

Google Scholar Search

Did you know that you can find more recent articles that cite the article you're looking at? After you search and have a list of results, all the different results will have a hyperlink that says "Cited by [number here]". That will tell you how many papers have cited the one you're looking at! Click the link, and enjoy looking through more recent research. 

Subject Specific Databases

Hubble Telescope Image